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2012 Photo Challenge – Leaf Fuzz

Leaf Fuzz by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Leaf Fuzz

Look close enough at the leaves of a violet plant and you will see fuzz!

2012 Photo Challenge – Coral Bell in the Fall

Coral Bell in the Fall by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Coral Bell in the Fall

Even in the fall, what is left of the coral bell still looks pretty.

2012 Photo Challenge – Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Light and Shadow

Just like in this photo taken underneath crab apple tree leaves, don’t be afraid to not only take a photo at a different point of view, but to play with light and shadow.

2012 Photo Challenge – Green Art

Green Art by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Green Art

Take another look at the plants in your home and snap an out of focus photo. Who knows, you might end up with a new piece of art.

2012 Photo Challenge – Growing Tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Growing Tomatoes

A tomato plant grows in the backyard garden, soon to show signs of yummy tomatoes.