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2012 Photo Challenge – Guitar Portrait

Guitar Portrait by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Guitar Portrait

A guitar poses pretty for a portrait, showing off it’s beauty, and is ready to be played.


Photo Ornaments

Ornaments are here and just in time for the Christmas season! Of course, you can hang these ornaments around you house and office, etc. all year round if you like! There are several different styles to choose from and they are even customisable! Below are just a sample of what you can purchase. Click on them to find out more information and to purchase. Or visit: Ornaments to see more, well, ornaments that you can purchase and enjoy. Animals, Insects, Trees, Flowers, Musical, Dancing Lights, Clouds, Sunsets, and more. Shapes include Round, Oval, Star, and Heart.

Musical Mugs

Are you a clarinet player or know someone who is? Perhaps you play the flute or the guitar? Then these lovely mugs featuring black and white photographs of musical instruments are perfect for you. Shown on a Ringer Mug, but can be customized on any other mug that Zazzle has to offer. Starting at $15.05 Each! Also change the text and image if you wish. To see more great products featuring Musical instruments, visit Musical at Stone d’or Photos on Zazzle.