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2012 Photo Challenge – Canadian Flag on Ferry

Canadian Flag on Ferry by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Canadian Flag on Ferry

A Canadian Flag proudly flies on the ferry as Pelee Island slowly disappears in the background.

2012 Photo Challenge – Left Behind

Left Behind by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Left Behind

Someone has left behind their shoe! Hopefully they had another pair and didn’t get on the ferry with just one shoe!

2012 Photo Challenge – Miniature

Miniature by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd


Once known for it’s wine, the Vin Villa located on Pelee Island is shown here in a scaled down model.

2012 Photo Challenge – Dock of Yesterday

Dock of Yesterday by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Dock of Yesterday

If you look carefully you will see the reminiscent of an wooden dock. At one time it lead up to the lighthouse from yesterday’s photo.

2012 Photo Challenge – Stone Lighthouse on the Shore

Stone Lighthouse on the Shore by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Stone Lighthouse on the Shore

This pretty stone lighthouse, my favourite from the day I was on Pelee Island, was constructed in 1833. It is the oldest stone lighthouse on Lake Erie and the second oldest lighthouse in the Great Lakes on the Canadian side. It was built to guide vessels through the dangerous Pelee Passage, a 20-mile channel that runs between Pelee Island and the Ca
nadian mainland.

The lighthouse’s first keeper, William McCormick, was also the man who donated the land for the lighthouse to be built on along with the stone used to build the tower.

There is a story that says that a young Robert E. Lee visited Pelee Island in July of 1835 to work on a boundary survey for United States and Canada. When he visited the lighthouse he encountered the keeper. Whether the keeper was unfriendly or Lee provoked him is unclear, but an altercation occurred and Lee killed the keeper. Whether Lee was cleared of any charges or left before he could be charged with a crime is also unclear, but local records indicate that Lee stole a few glass lampshades before leaving.

Over the years the lighthouse had a number of keepers but one of the most noteworthy was James Cummins, who was awarded a gold watch by the Dominion of Canada for gallant services in saving lives of people from two different shipwrecks.

Pelee Island lighthouse sat in disrepair from 1909 until August of 2000 when it was taken off the list of the Lighthouse Digest Doomsday List of endangered lighthouses, after being restored.

*This brief history of the lighthouse was quoted from the following website: