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2012 Photo Challenge – Backyard Snow

Backyard Snow by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Backyard Snow

I love waking up in the morning, peeking out the window and seeing a light dusting of snow in the backyard.

2012 Photo Challenge – Reaching

Reaching by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd


Don’t you just love it when you reach for your dreams and achieve them? This photo reminds me of reaching for the sky and beyond.

2012 Photo Challenge – New Perspective

New Perspective and Snow by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

New Perspective

It’s always nice to get a new perspective on things. And one of the the things I love to do, is have a camera on hand when those new perspectives reveal themselves. This was taken this afternoon of the white birch on the front lawn, pointing the camera straight up the centre of the three main trunks.

2012 Photo Challenge – Melting Ice and Snow

Melting Ice and Snow by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Melting Ice and Snow

I like Winter, but I like Spring more. And a sure sign that Spring is coming is the ice and snow melting and the green grass showing through.

2012 Photo Challenge – Juke Box

Juke Box by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Juke Box

Yet another wonderful and unexpected discovery at my grandmother’s retirement building was this juke box. It was tucked away on a shelf in the tea room for when the seniors want to have tea and tunes! I love these kinds of discoveries!