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2012 Photo Challenge

I will be taking part in an event this coming year where you take at least a photo a day for every day of the year. So at least 366 photographs in one year. It’s a leap year, remember! Of course, as a photographer, I take more than that a year, but I will be specifically taking photos for this event. As a result, I will be posting each of the photographs here on this blog under the category 2012 Photo Challenge with a blurb about each. Feel free to comment under them and let me know what you think! I know some will be bad, not all photos are great, you know! lol I will also be posting the images on my Facebook Page here: Stone d’or Photos FB Page if you would like to follow along there, too. Don’t forget to “like” the page first, though.

Want to participate in the event yourself? Here is the official event where you can join:

Yes, it’s based in Canada as a Canadian created the event, but anyone can join! Invite your family and friends, too!

On that note, everyone have a very Happy New Year and get your cameras ready! I know I will!

Have a Golden Day!